8 Staycation Ideas For Families

A staycation doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure…

Staying home instead of spending the holidays at one of the more luxurious locations your children would enjoy, like Disneyland, the beach, or camping might sound boring.  But if you are on a budget it’s easy to sell an exciting staycation to your little ones.

Below are our favourite eight kid and budget friendly ideas full of fun and adventure.

Camp Out In Your Own Backyard

It’s time to go camping!  There is no better place then in your own backyard.  Pitch a tent, grab the camping chairs and roll out the sleeping bags to create an exciting experience just as authentic as being in the wilderness.

Explore the plants, wildlife, and spot constellations all from the comfort of home.  Don’t forget the smore fixings!

Build A Fort

Gather your supplies.  Boxes, blankets, chairs, and pillows. Grab it all and construct the ultimate playhouse. Build it up tall or keep it small, add tunnels or even a moat made of cushions.  Any kid would be happy to play all day in such a fortress.

Looking for something more cozy.  Bring pillows and blankets inside and turn your fort into a quite movie theatre.  Don’t forget about the movie snacks.

Learn Something New

Take your little ones out to the zoo or perhaps the park to spot new and enticing animals.  Incorporate a new skill into some playtime for a more education twist.  Maybe it’s time for the family to all learn a new sport or language using tools like the internet or the library.

Plan A Treasure Or Scavenger Hunt

By hiding clues or treats, much like an easter egg hunt, you can occupy your smaller children all afternoon.  Recruit the help of the internet to make your scavenger hunt full of fresh ideas and clues.  Keep them interested with a prize or promise of an outing to keep them engaged. 

Play dress up and see who is the scariest pirate to make it even more memorable.

Family Carnival

Take the kids to your very own town fair.  Involve the neighbourhood to add realism and extra fun.  Incorporate classic fair foods like corn dogs, french fries, funnel cake, and cotton candy.

Set up activities like ring toss, balloon darts, a fishing hole and more.

As a grand finally, wrap up the day with an outdoor movie projected on the garage.

Cool Down With Water Play

Hard to keep up with the kids in the extreme heat?  Cool down in the backyard with your own mini water park.

Sprinklers, squirt guns, and water balloons.  Gather up your supplies and cool off while keeping those kids entertained.

For a change in scenery, bring the kids to your local splash pad or community pool.  Give them the opportunity to make new summertime friendships.

Find Your Inner Artist

Let your kids get creative with arts and crafts time.  Let them create unique pieces any parent would cherish forever.

Perhaps, tie dying t-shirt or sculpting with clay is your kiddos interest.  Although, it can be as easy as letting them run wild with sidewalk chalk.

Get Your Chef On

What better place to bring the excitement then into your kitchen.  Introduce new foods and work as a team in your very own cook off.

Not a competitive family? No problem.  Take the family for a trip to the famers market allowing them to explore ingredients you wouldn’t likely find in your grocery store.  Let them do the shopping and see what adventurous foods they come up with.

On the sweeter side.  Throw a television like baking competition and see which member produces the most delicious confection.

No matter the circumstances, it is easy to have a fun and adventurous staycation, regardless of your budget or free time.  Don’t miss out on creating memorable experiences with your children this summer. 

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